IRS textWriter is designed to format short amounts of text to help emerging readers - whether or not to blend letters together etc. You can find out more here.

textWriter uses syntax highlighting techniques usually found in text editors to help emerging readers by highlighting when to blend letters together.

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letters allows you to make and change words using letters from the alphabet, consonant clusters and digraphs. letters also includes symbols from the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) to allow you to construct words from their sounds or show a corrispondance between the letters from the alphabet and their sounds.

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Legacy Software*

* Requires Adobe AIR


Construct and annotate words, phrases and sentences, sort words into groups and rearrange words into complete sentences.

Words, phrases and sentences can be annotated by the pupil and adult to highlight the type of words used (nouns, verbs etc.) with simple colour coding pupils can see what type of word is missing from the sentence and then edit it accordingly.

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Help build words from an onscreen curved alphabet with vowels identified in red.

- The features of this software have been reproduced in the letters program.

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