IRS textWriter is designed to format short amounts of text to help emerging readers - whether or not to blend letters together etc.

For example...

The little chickens are swimming.

If we look at this sentence we can see that textWriter has highlighted several letters and groups of letters:

Th, ch, ck, ng

These groups of letters have been highlighted blue and underlined to help the reader learn that these letters make one sound. These groups are digraphs, a group of consonant letters standing for a single sound, when you say 'ch' (as in church) you do not pronounce the 'c' and the 'h' but they make one sound.

e, i

The vowels are highlighted in red.


This group of letters are highlighted blue to help the reader learn that these letters should be blended together to make the sound. These groups are Clusters made of two or more consonant sounds, the sound they make are a blend of the two consonants. When you say 'sw' (as in swimming) you can hear both the 's' and the 'w' in the sound.



IRS textWriter will highlight letters and groups of letters using the following format as you type:

Initial Consonant Cluster

Consonant clusters, sometimes known as consonant blends are groups of two or three consonants that blend together to form a distinctive sound. The sound they make is a blend of the letters they contain.

spl , spr , sp , str , st , scr , sc , sm , sn , sl , sw , tw , cr , gr , fr , thr , bl , cl , gl , fl , pr , br , tr , dr , pl , squ , shr , sk , nd , nt , mp , rd , ld , lp , rk , lt , lf , pt , ft , ct

Clusters are made of two or more consonant sounds.


Vowels, unlike consonants, can have more than one sound attached to it.

a, e, i, o, u

These vowel combinations are also included;

ay, oy

Consonant Digraph

Consonant digraphs groups of two or three letters that come together to make one sound - they are not blended.

chr , dge , tch , sh , ch , th , wh , ph , kn , wr , gh , ng , nk , ck , ff , ll , ss , zz , mb , Qu , qu , gn , Gn

A digraph is a group of consonant letters standing for a single sound.


Written by Ian Reed


IRS textwriter uses RichTextFX by Tomas Mikula