Primary Computing Curriculum Help

How to change the programming mode

Use this menu to select the programming mode; here we will use Blockly (Py) and Python.

How to load worlds into Reeborg

The worlds available to Reeborg (on the website) can be a bit complicated for primary level children. The worlds used in this curriculum can be dowloaded from the resource section and then loaded into the website for use.

Worlds can be loaded into Reeborg by going to Additional options/Open world from file.

Using code examples

The code available from the code examples are plain text files - you will be able to read and print them in IDLE, a text editor or even Word (if you really have to).

The code examples for use in Reeborg's worlds can also be loaded into Reeborg by going to Additional option/Program in editor/Import program from file.

Making flow charts

Using the flow chart template from the resources section, copy and paste the blocks into a new slide and resize if needed.

- with PowerPoint

Select the arrow drawing tool and click and drag between the connection points.

- with LibreOffice

Use the connector tool, select the single-headed arrow.

Use the connector tool to drag from one connection point (1) to the other (2).