understand what algorithms are; how they are implemented as programs on digital devices; and that programs execute by following precise and unambiguous instructions.

create and debug simple programs


LO: To know that a robot will follow instructions step by step

Introduce Blockly (Py) in Reeborg.

Here is Reeborg the robot in his world "alone". The red lines mark the limits of his/her world. Like using the Beebots, the world is viewed from above so left turns are relative to the direction Reeborg is facing.

Make sure you are using the "Introduction to Reeborg" set of worlds*
Children are aware of the different functions of the website. Children copy sets of commands (to get used to dragging the blocks and placing them together).


In Blockly, this becomes;

This will look like;

You could always use some of the intructions used previously (omitting the clear() and go() commands) and giving the sad news that Reeborg does not know how to turn right.

* The Reeborg website can be used for quite (read very) complicated coding tasks, we will stick to those in the "Introduction to Reeborg" section and those found in the resources below.

Remember to check the help page for any help for this unit.

Code Examples